CAWES p/b Specialized

CAWES, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to promoting the participation of women in cycling both locally and nationally.

We have partnered with local and national organizations, including the Washington Area Bike Association (WABA) and the IM ABLE Foundation to advance policy initiatives for a safer, greener, and healthier lifestyle through cycling and cycling-friendly laws. CAWES, Inc. is also a member of the Mid-Atlantic Bike Association (MABRA) and the Pennsylvania Cycling Association (PCA).

The driving goal of CAWES, Inc. — also known as CAWES p/b Specialized — is to present a positive image of women in cycling and to show that women from all walks of life — from juniors to masters and able-bodied to physically challenged — can participate, learn, and excel in the sport of cycling while having fun.

In 2011, USA Cycling CAWES p/b Specialized Women's Club of the Year!



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